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Why Winicle?

It is centralised

Tired of needing to go to separate websites to participate in competitions? 

With Winicle you can access them all in one place!

It saves you time

Tired of needing to fill in separate forms for each competitions? 

With Winicle you do it once and entering competitions many times!

It is fun

With some of our competitions  you’ll interact with other participants. You should just try it to find out more 🙂

Can you relate to any of these stories?

“One day at our local bottle shop in Bondi I saw a beautiful surfboard on the wall. After buying some whisky the cashier handed me a piece of paper with information on how to participate in the online competition for the surfboard. By the time I got home I’d forgotten about it and needed a drink…” Harry, Australia


“After ordering my daily juice the guy asked me if I was interested in having a free one every week for a year! Of course! He gave me a small card with a code so that I could participate in the online competition. A couple of hours later I couldn’t find the card, probably threw it in the recycle bin with the juice mug” Jess, Australia

“My favourite pie shop was having a promotion where you could win tickets to an NBA game, return flights included. I needed to register and I’m getting sick of doing that for everything I look at” Alex, Australia


About Winicle

Winicle is the future of social media.

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Our Vision

Our vision to support and promote creativity in the world by rewarding anyone who demonstrate talents.

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