A casual and awesome talk with a Gen Z social media user active on both Winicle and Instagram

Here is a casual question and answer session with a Gen Z social media user, active on both Winicle and Instagram, who goes by the nickname Sumrog. She discusses various exciting topics, including how she handles criticism on social media, her strategies for balancing studying and creating reels, and her emotions upon earning money on Winicle for her content. Join us as we unravel the captivating story of Sumrog, a representative of a generation born in the era of the internet, social media, and digital gadgets.

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An interview with Gen Z social media user and a dance reel maker who is active on both Winicle and Instagram.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there! My name is Sumrog, and I’m a 15-year-old Earthling from India. On social media, I go by the name Sumrog because I find it fascinating and it reminds me of Saturn, the planet. Interestingly, many people tend to affectionately refer to me as “cat” or “ALIEN” 👽, which I find amusing. It’s nice to meet you!

What inspired you to dance, and how did you start creating your first dance video?

OMG, dancing has been my absolute obsession since I was little! It’s like, sooo interesting and fun, and it totally puts me in the best mood ever. I’ve always dreamed of learning how to dance like a pro. Bollywood and international dance styles are totally my jam, and I’m obsessed with BTS! They’re my ultimate inspiration. So, guess what? I finally took the plunge and created my very first dance video. It was like a dream come true, girl!

How did you discover Winicle, and what made you decide to start using it as a platform for your dance video?

So, like, I discovered Winicle through Instagram, and I was like, “Whoa, this could be the perfect platform for me to showcase my dancing skills and pursue my passion!” It just felt like a total match, you know? And let me tell you, it’s been awesome so far. Winicle is legit great!

Can you tell us about some of your most popular videos in social media, and what made them stand out to your audience?

Let me spill the tea on my most popular video on social media! It was this epic dance cover I did on the song “Rover” that totally made me stand out to my audience. Like, can you believe it? It has over 4000 views! It was such a vibe, and people were totally vibing with it too.

How do you come up with new ideas for your dance videos, and how do you decide which ones to create and share?

So, like, when it comes to coming up with new ideas for my dance videos, I get major inspo from following tons of awesome dance studios and content creators. They seriously know how to slay those moves! Seeing their awesome content gives me all these cool ideas to create my own dance videos. As for deciding which ones to create and share, it’s all about choosing the ones that make me feel super hyped and confident. I mean, if it gives me those good vibes, then I know it’s gonna be worth sharing with the world!

What’s your advice to people your age who might still be at school or university, to also manage their time creating content and show their talent? For example, how do you prioritize your time or much time do you spend creating content?

I totally believe that everyone should have the chance to show off their talent, especially when we’re still in school or university! So, here’s how I handle it, I’ve got this super organized time table that helps me prioritize my time like a boss. I reserve the weekends for creating my awesome videos and during the weekdays, it’s study time, with a lil’ bit of practice here and there. That way, I can brainstorm and plan my next killer video. It’s all about finding that sweet balance!

On the weekends I do something that I am really passionate about; creating my dancing reels for my audience.

How do you handle negative comments or criticism on your videos, and what advice would you give to other creators who may be facing similar challenges?

Ugh, dealing with haters and negative comments is such a drag, but here’s my strategy. When we’re out there doing our thing and chasing success, there are always gonna be some people trying to bring us down. But you know what? We gotta rise above it and ignore those haters quietly. Let them spew their negativity while keep slaying and proving them wrong with your success. My advice? Just brush off those comments and let our success be the ultimate clapback. Show them that you’re unstoppable!

How do you know what your audience and community is interested in and what makes you decide what should be your next video?

So, when it comes to knowing what my audience and community are into, I keep it real simple. I pay major attention to what gets the most love on my reel. Like, if my dance videos are getting all the hype, then I know that’s what my peeps want to see more of. I mean, why fix something that ain’t broke, right? So, I listen to my audience and give them what they like, because their support means everything to me!

What do you think sets Winicle apart from other social media platforms, and why do you think it’s a valuable tool for young content creators?

Oh, totally! Winicle is a great social media platform for us young content creators. It’s super valuable if we use it in the right way, you know? It’s not just about chasing money, we got to use it to showcase our genuine talent and let our creativity shine. That’s when the magic happens, and your popularity increases which is a rewarding experience.

How do you see yourself in 5 years time on social media?

In 5 years, I see myself rocking the social media scene like a boss! I mean, I’ll be totally different from how I am now. My dance moves will be on a whole new level, so does my fashion. Plus, being on social media will inspire me to learn new languages, dive into different cultures, and show mad respect for countries around the world. Life’s gonna be one big adventure, always exploring and doing something super interesting. Get ready, ’cause I’m coming for ya, social media!

At last, is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers, maybe your best memory on social media, the first time you made money, your first ever video or appreciation of a friend or family member who enabled you to create great dance videos?

Hey, let me spill the tea and share a real-life story with you! So, there was this one video I posted on Winicle, right? It was a total game-changer for me. At that that I wanted to contribute to my family, and, I stumbled upon this Instagram post for Winicle that I can earn money with reels, and something clicked in my mind. Maybe, just maybe, this could be a way to help my parents and turn my hobby into something bigger.

So, I posted my videos on Winicle. Then, out of the blue, I got an email saying that I won the reel challenge and scored 25 bucks! Can you believe it? I was shook, like, is this for real? After confirming everything with the Winicle team, I was over the moon with happiness. It felt amazing to make even a little contribution to my parents’ hard work. I didn’t even tell them that it was for them, you know? It was like my secret way of saying, “Hey, I got your back!”

I earned money on Winicle with my dancing reels, something that I am passionate about.

And, let’s talk about my parents’ take on my dance and social media journey. They’ve always had this “no future in dance and being a celebrity” mindset. They want me to follow their dreams, but I just can’t abandon my passion. Dance makes me feel so connected and alive! So, I’ve made up my mind to be a boss at both dance and studies. I’m gonna make them proud as always and become a huge success someday. I just know it!

Thank you Winicle for setting this interview and thank you ALL for reading this. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or Winicle 😊

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