How to Get More Followers on Winicle or Instagram: 3 Tips to Grow Real Audience on Social Media

Build and grow your followers on Winicle and Instagram and tiktok

Social media and video sharing platforms such as Instagram, Winicle, TikTok and Youtube are becoming more mainstream channels for brands to create their social presence and grow their market and traffic to their websites. And you, as a user of these social media, if you want to be successful and earn money from creating all these contents, you need to have a plan on how to increase your followers. 

As a micro-influencer who wants to start their career as an influence you need to make yourself visible to brands and advertising agencies. To be contacted by advertising companies and brands for paid promotional work, the first thing that you need to do is to have a strategy to grow and build your real and organic followers. Influencers with larger audience, get more paid opportunities.

Avoid getting fake audience and followers. Almost all social media platforms have complex algorithms that can differentiate between fake or purchased followers and organic followers. If you have many paid or purchased followers your channel will not get the visibility required to grow by the social media platforms.  So, it is importance to understand the quickest and most effective way to grow your followers is to invest time to collect real followers.

Now you may ask is the number of real followers the most important factors that brands would pay you to run their promotions. The short answer is no. The other important factor in addition to the number of followers is your followers’ engagement level with your posts, short films, reels, and your channel in general.

So here are the top 3 strategies to build and grow your followers who have high engagement with your channel.

What content your followers want on Winicle and Instagram and tiktok

Post content followers want

You are naturally good in something. You might be a funny person, good makeup artist, a sports lover, a good cook or even a gamer. You will have more chance of being successful by creating content that you are passionate about. 

If you create a content or videos that you personally love then you are already a step ahead because you know your followers. Your audience are more likely to have similar interest to you. 

Now you should keep yourself up to date with how your niche is changing, and create content that is up to date with the current trends. Your audience are less likely to engage with an outdated topics. Check out successful influencer in your niche and find out what content they are creating that is working for them. 

Post content consistently

So how often should you post your videos or contents?

Every social media platform is different and there is no one solution that fits all. What may work on Instagram may not work on Winicle, Youtube, Facebook or any other social media platforms. You will need to test and learn. Try different content frequencies and see what works the best for your channel and with your audience. 

Generally it is advisable to start with  posting 2 to 4 times per week. Don’t post more than one video or reel a day. Majority of social media platforms dont promote your content if you are mass uploading them. 

Again, think about how often your followers like to see a video from you?  They probably don’t want to see 5 videos in one day? or maybe they do! The point is you need to understand what your audience want. Again, it is all about your audience. You are providing a service to them.

Understand your target audience

You need to understand who are the users and followers that will engage your content. Whether you are creating posts, short films or reels, the key is to understand your audience. You need to ask yourself where your audience are from, or how old they are. You want to create content on topics that are hot and viral in countries of your audience. Or you don’t want to create short videos on topics that are not of interest to your age or gender of your audience. So, it is a good idea to keep a close eye on your audience and create a niche content targeting your own audience.

Knowing your audience will also help you choose the right hashtags. Hashtags play an important role on whether your content becomes visible and show to larger audience.

You also need to know what your audience need; what product they would consider buying and what activities they are into when they are not on social media. Are they into make ups, do they like sports, or maybe they like electronics and tech. Understanding their need will also help you create videos or films of their need and also will help you to become more visible to advertising and brands for paid promotional content. 

How to be a successful influencers on Youtube, tiktok, Winicle and facebook

Final notes on audience growth on social media

Don’t buy fake followers. Some social medial platforms they would reduce your ranking if you have fake followers. Besides fake followers don’t bring you engagement which is very important if you are think of making money as an influencer.

Stick to a schedule or a calendar to post your content and videos. You don’t want to post many contents in 1 day, also you shouldn’t wait weeks before two consecutive posts. Through trial and error find out what is the best frequency of uploading posts and videos.

 It is all about your audience and your followers. You need to create contents that they love. So know your audience, their needs and their pain points. Put yourself in their shoes, and understand if you were them what product and services you would buy or need.

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