Short film competitions on Winicle

winicle is the only video sharing platform that rewards content creators
On Winicle we are always on the search for the next talent. We want to enable talent and creativity by rewarding independent short film makers.

How Winicle is different to other video sharing platforms?

There are many video sharing platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, MOJ, Instagram. So what makes Winicle different?! We take pride in being one of the ONLY video sharing platforms that incentivises and rewards content creators for their effort and good content. 

How do you get recognised and win prizes on Winicle?

It is easy to show case your creativity and talent on Winicle. All you have to do is to post one more short videos on Winicle mobile app. 

The other users view your short films and vote form them. 
Videos that receive the most votes or likes win cash prizes. 

What are the conditions of participating on Winicle short film competitions?

Generally anyone from anywhere in the world can participate in the competitions. All you need is your good short videos. 

Now, when your short films wins the competitions, you will be asked for your account number to receive your prize sent by international money transfer from Australia. 

Some of the previous winners on Winicle!

You can meet some of the previous winners on Instagram

These winners have won cash prizes from $50 to $500.

And the wining videos can be viewed from here.
Cash prize on Winicle

Final notes

We are excited to enable you to showcases your talents and creativity to the world.

So download Winicle app from Appstore or GooglePlay and post your short videos. And compete with other home-made films to win prizes.

Download Winicle and start earning!

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