What are online competitions and contents?

What are online competitions and contests?

By Winicle

You have probably seen many advertisements online that offer the chance to win different things from wining cash, cars, or holidays. Such competitions are becoming more and more popular on social media feeds.

Have you ever wondered if these competitions are scams? And if not scam what’s in it for the person or company who give away a prize.

In this article we cover:

  • Types of online competitions and contests
  • What’s in it for the competition holders?
  • Tips for entering online competition and contests and how to win prizes  
  • Does anyone actually win online competitions or money?

Have you ever wondered if these competitions are scams? And if they are not scams what’s in it for the person or company who gives away a prize or real cash?!

Types of online competitions and contests


To all the readers who like to win prizes with online competitions and contests here is an interesting article “Online competitions – the tricks and traps” published by Choice . When you’re considering entering an online competition or contest you need to understand if it is a game of chance or a game of skill.   

Trade promotions or business competitions are either games of chance or games of skills where the winning entries are drawn at random or games of skill in which entries are judged based on merit such as receiving highest number of likes, respectively.

The rule of thumb for entering competition based on chance is to make sure you look for an Australian permit number, and for competitions based on skill to make sure you find out how the contest winner is selected so you can streamline your strategy.

What’s in it for the competition holders 

Companies and brands kickstart competitions for three main reasons: to increase their brand awareness, bring more traffic to their website, and to collect contacts from participants to recommend and upsell products that match their interests. So at the end of the day giving away freebies, cash prizes and giveaways works well for the participants (when you end up wining) and the brand you win:a prize, and the company running the competition gets brand exposure, sales, and customer loyalty. 

Tips for entering online competitions and contests


1- Join legitimate online competition and contest websites

2- Read the small print and terms and conditions before entering a contest;

  • The legitimacy of the competition and giveaway (you can also contact the competition holder or check the permit number)
  • Conditions for eligible entries, your resident country laws and regulations, and the rules on the automation tool
  • How the prize winner is selected
  • What type of information is collected and how such information is used

3- Enter the competition and be organised to save time and effort

Good tools, websites and forums are your best friends if you want to save time entering multiple competitions. You don’t want to end up managing several accounts on different websites and platforms to participate in competitions. It is recommended to choose only one platform such as Winicle that provides you with all the required functionalities and features in one place. Remember the majority of online competition websites are aggregators and submitting your entry means redirected to the competition holder website and then you will need to again type out your name, address, phone number or codeword. This becomes tiresome, leading to many people not entering the competitions – Don’t you and miss out on the chance of winning big prizes. Join Winicle to increase your chances!

Seven top tips for entering competitions published by Saga Magazine has further tips on entering online competitions and contests.

Does anyone actually win prizes with online competitions or contests

Every year, an estimated 55 million Americans enter some kind of sweepstakes (known as “competitions” in the UK or “contests” in Canada). ” theHustle
According to an informal poll of 585 respondents, roughly half of all regular sweepers report winnings equivalent to $1,250 or more per year; a quarter win $3k+ in prizes.” theHustle

Read about some winners of online competitions, contests and sweepstakes:


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